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School & University Cleaning

School Cleaning
Cleaning up after messy school children can be a nightmare and difficult to manage. If you are responsible for the contracting out of cleaning services for a school or several schools then consider Dream Stars.
Equally if you are experiencing trouble with your current contract cleaner and want to change to a reliable, experienced and trustworthy cleaning services company give us a call today on 04-2654428.
The quality of our cleaning service is our number 1 priority and we guarantee the results of our work will meet your expectations and hopefully exceed them. Reputation is also paramount and has resulted in many of our customers choosing our cleaning services simply because of great things friends, family and colleagues have said.
University Cleaning

We offer an extensive and established University cleaning service, with the use of experienced, fully trained and insured cleaners. No amount of student (or lecturer) mess is too much Dream Stars.

Our School & University Cleaning service includes:-
  • Teaching Areas
  • Staff Area(s)
  • Student Communal Area(s)
  • Storage Area(s)

Dream Stars holds contracts with schools and universities of all sizes and with many different specialist requirements. We understand that every client has completely different requirements and make a huge effort to ensure that these are met and expectations exceeded.

Dream Stars